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Compare your pricing, volume and service data to that of similar clients.

In today's hectic business world, process improvements hinge on the ability to gain insights from data. Armed with these insights, informed executives can make decisions that deliver improved business outcomes across the enterprise.

Every organization, regardless of its size or capacity, can benefit from an insightful benchmarking analysis. No matter what size organization you represent, Pro Buyers can benchmark all key program data analytics. From strategy development to implementation, we work with key members of your organization's staff to gather all key data elements. Our benchmarking capabilities enable us to evaluate all aspects of your current program such as:

  1. Administrative--we focus on implementing lean processes and operational effectiveness.
  2. Pricing--how does your effective pricing compare to that of similar organizations?
  3. Service--have users become satisfied with mediocre device performance, or is device uptime on par with standard industry averages?
  4. Environmental Impacts--what processes, if properly implemented, can reduce the organization's carbon footprint?
  5. Contract--do you have properly written contractual safety nets in place to protect the organization in the event of vendor mergers/acquisitions, poor vendor service performance and/or billing problems?

With our extensive industry background and practical experience, Pro Buyers understands all aspects of a truly optimal program. If even one key area is missed or not properly addressed, the entire initiative will be less than optimal and may in fact fail altogether. Trust in Pro Buyers to keep your new managed print program initiative healthy for years to come!

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Receive unbiased print equipment right-sizing and deployment recommendations.

The focus on enhancing worker productivity has at times meant risk-averse print device inventory management practices that require the maintenance of significant underutilized inventory levels.

Yet today's environment demands change. Organizations are expected to lower operational costs without sacrificing worker productivity, and they must do so in an environment of competing priorities, from providing the latest technological advancements to considering the reality of mobile workers and virtual offices. In addition, organizations must be careful to maintain proper security levels and to adhere to all federal regulations.

Redundant print devices are commonplace in today's office/worker environments. But how much redundancy is sufficient, and how much is overkill? Do you really need four print output devices within a ten linear foot space?

In addition to redundancy issues, device utilization is another important consideration. What level of device utilization is acceptable? What print volume should a 50 page-per-minute printer optimally be producing?

Pro Buyers believes that there is an opportunity for organizations to not only meet business demands, but also to realize the benefits of effective device deployment strategies with an approach that strikes the right balance between improving worker productivity and reducing costs. Contact the renowned and unbiased experts at Pro Buyers to explore how your organization can seize the opportunity to get ahead of device redundancy and utilization challenges.



Compare all aspects of your current managed print program to our client's best practices.

One of our most important commitments is to always provide customized services. This is particularly important when assessing an organization's current program metrics and providing recommendations for a go-forward implementation of the optimal strategy.

Our customized strategy development assessment assists organizations considering one of the following options:

1. Are you rethinking your organization’s strategic printing plan or operating model to address new challenges?
2. Are you looking to create, review or renew your organization’s strategic printing direction?
3. Would you like help with deciding on the most effective ways to align existing operations with strategic goals?
4. Do you need an outside expert to assist in exploring how to benchmark performance and reach new levels of achievement?

Pro Buyers would enjoy the opportunity to discuss our assessment services with you live via webinar or phone conference. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by reaching out to us. Please contact us to get started today!



Uncover critical elements of a managed print program that nobody else will tell you about.

As the old adage goes: "You don't know what you don't know." Nothing could be more true for buyers of printers and copiers. The printer/copier industry is a highly competitive, high-profit maze of confusion for most buyers. Manufacturers hire highly paid consultants to maximize profits and promote products. In contrast, buyers seemingly have nobody on their side. Or do they?

To the buyer of printers and copiers, it sounds as if every product and every vendor is the best. There seem to be no trade-offs and no negatives to any product, company or service offering, at least none that are overtly stated. Can this really be true? Of course we all inherently know there are other elements to consider, but where can you go to understand the reality? What critical elements should be included in your requirements that have never been discussed with your representatives?

This is where Pro Buyers can help. Our veteran industry experience at all levels within the industry is an invaluable asset to our clients. We know all the industry trade secrets, the ones never publicized or shared with buyers. Others within the industry (on the other side of the negotiating table from you) know these same secrets. The difference is that our clients pay us to reveal those secrets to them for their benefit. And with our 100% Return on Investment guarantee, our clients receive these benefits with no risk whatsoever. Find out how we can be of service to you by contacting us right now. We guarantee you'll learn something about the printer/copier industry that you didn't know!



Receive a 100% ROI Guarantee and sacrifice nothing.

In today's economic environment, organizations are struggling to offer internal users the latest technological advancements. Vendors claim that 30% print-related cost savings can be obtained, but only under the condition that the organization change the way it prints. Our experience is that most organizations cannot obtain the necessary top-down approval for removing all local printers and/or migrating all print jobs to copier-based multifunctional devices. Given that reality, is 30% cost savings still an attainable goal? Pro Buyers says YES, but new business models must be developed to meet the organization's ever-increasing demands for demonstrable cost savings while meeting internal technical and service demands.

To maximize an organization's cost savings opportunities, a valid pricing benchmark must first be established. Here is a partial checklist of questions to ask:

  1. How far above or below the national like-size client average is your organization?
  2. Do you have all the necessary information to create the benchmark?
  3. Does the organization really have to change the way it prints to earn 30% or higher cost savings as claimed by industry manufacturers?
  4. What limiting factors might be present that affect your organization's ability to maximize its cost savings?
  5. Are all key factors being considered to create a true apples-to-apples scenario?

With our expert consulting team on your side, you can be assured that all costing variables are being properly considered. We have the benchmarks in place to quickly perform the necessary tasks and we will GUARANTEE a 100% return on your consulting investment. All we need is for you to contact us!



Negotiate a world-class managed print program contract.

An integral part of our overall consulting program is translating all key program recommendations into reality. While vendors will tell you it's not possible to achieve lower costs while improving technology and service offerings, our experienced negotiators know better. We fight every inch of the way on your behalf and right along side your internal staff to ensure all key objectives are met.

We believe that effective contract negotiation cannot take place in a vacuum. Vendors and buyers must be on equal footing when it comes to strategic pricing, technology and statement of work negotiation. We understand the complexities involved with balancing a vendor's need for reasonable profit with organizational pressure to control costs. Since at this point in our process we've walked all your facilities and understand your print job workflows better than anyone, vendors cannot short-change or oversell you. Don't depend solely on pieces of information provided by vendor representatives. Don't take the easy way out and buy from a generic consortium or state contract. You're entitled to see the whole picture of what you're entitled to. It's more than what you've been lead to believe by the industry.

Contact Pro Buyers today to learn more about how our proven contract negotiation strategies will result in a world-class Unified Print contract for you!



Publish a bullet-proof RFP that will result in true "apples-to-apples" comparisons.

Not all RFPs (Request for Proposals) are created equal. The technical writer makes the difference between one containing detailed world-class requirements and one with vague open-ended questions. In the case of Pro Buyers, it is Jeff Smith, a noted industry technical writing expert. Prior to founding Pro Buyers in 2001, Smith was the author of all BLI print output device test reports. BLI test reports are the de-facto industry standard reference tools used by every salesperson and buyer of copier/printers.

The most important aspect of the RFP is how well it “markets” the business potential of the opportunity to the prospective respondents. Pro Buyers puts its extensive industry experience to work to balance the business realities of the industry while protecting the client in every way possible. We know how to construct the RFP using “industry speak” language to remove any possible confusion about the client’s requirements. Our RFPs are widely respected within industry circles. Here is a basic checklist of questions that must be adequately covered in any printer/copier-related RFP:

1. What is an acceptable industry definition for “equipment downtime?”

2. Will the vendor be penalized for performing preventive maintenance (PM) work?

3. Should a base configuration be identified with separate stapling, duplexing and paper drawer accessories?

4. Which network security elements should be required?

5. Should all devices be replaced up-front regardless of any lease buyouts? If not, what is the implication?

6. To save money, should the client allow for remanufactured or new third-party branded parts and supplies?

7. What requirements should the RFP contain for data encryption and hard drive cleaning?

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Determine where each device is, what volume each is producing and at what cost.

With a focus on providing sufficient technical capacity to keep up with demand and to maintain worker convenience, print output device populations have exploded within most organizations. However, the challenge is that many organizations struggle to maintain a current database showing all relevant print-related data points. Our client organizations are typically shocked to see the reality of how many devices there are and how much printer toner inventory is actually on hand!

Do you know for your organization exactly how many print output devices you have, what volumes each is producing and what costs you are incurring for each? In many ways this data is the foundation upon which the new program will be built. In this phase, we walk through every office in every building to provide your organization with an accurate up-to-date master inventory showing many factors including items such as:

  • Brand/model numbers of all network-connected and non-connected (e.g., faxes, standalone copiers) devices
  • Lease price points and expiration dates as applicable
  • Service contract costs
  • Average monthly volumes per device

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Validate vendor compliance with all contract specifications.

So, you've successfully negotiated a world-class contract. Congratulations! Now, here are some questions you may be asking:

1. Is the selected vendor performing on its contracted statement of work?
2. Is the billing correctly formatted in accordance with the agreed-upon statement of work?
3. Were all required device accessories actually installed?
4. Have your users have been trained well enough to take full advantage of the new hardware and software being implemented?

During our contract compliance phase we perform the necessary due diligence to provide definitive answers to all these questions and more.

Since we are integrally familiar with all aspects of your new contract, we work in conjunction with your vendor's representatives during the program implementation phase to validate whether all key metrics are being met. We review and make adjustments to all vendor assessment and installation schedules. Our consultant staff will visit every installed device in every department to ensure that the installation went exactly as planned. We provide you with monthly status reports including action plans for bridging any gaps in vendor performance.

To find out more about how your organization can benefit from our expertise, click on this link and let us know about your current situation and future objectives.